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Natural materials for the maintenance of wooden furniture


Divine Fragrances

Our memories are encoded and stored in different areas of our brain, coordinated by a hippocampus region. It is sufficient to recapture a single sensory component for recomposing the whole memory. Among our five senses, the smell plays a key function: fragrances and aromas are the most durable memory components and they are able to “coordinate” the other elements that forms the memory.

BORMA products based on natural vegetable oils represent the ideal solution for aesthetic finishing, protection and maintenance of wooden structures and furniture in precious wine bars and typical restaurants. Natural materials and comfortable environments honor and guarantee a pleasant tasting of quality wines and dishes, sharing emotions and experiences and giving indelible memories.

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To give a natural fragrance in your space, we suggest to use the following two materials for finishing and maintenance of all wooden surfaces in it.

Hard Furniture Oil


Allows to obtain high transparency natural effect finishings on kitchen tops and furniture. Its special formula guarantees high resistances to scratches and stains (water, alcohol, coffee, cola, fruit juice). Easy to clean and restore. In conformance with norm EN71-III, no release of potentially harmful hazardous substances.

Yielt: 12 – 14 m² / Lt

Kitchenware Oil


Natural Oil mixture is ready for use and is the ideal for materials in contact with food, as kitchen table tops or salad bowls. Use Kitchenware Oil as often as necessary to restore wood to its original beauty. Before starting the maintenance procedure, make sure wood is clean, and let the surface dry for at least 8 hours.

Yield: 12 – 14 m² / Lt

Use: Interior