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Texture Libraries for Cad and Bim Design

To be closer to the sector professionals, from architects to designers, engineers to contractors, and to make their business more flexible and enjoyable: stemming from this dual goal Colorificio San Marco is today making available to them a rich library of objects/textures of its decorative products, of the main effects and the most popular shades, which they can use during the design stage.

The digital libraries: available formats


The libraries are available for 3DS Max (MAT), in BIM (RFA and ADSKLIB) format, and with all the maps separate for JPG rendering, including all the San Marco decorative products and their effects, available in many fashionable nuances.

The digital libraries are also optimized to ensure maximum performance of the systems, and are also made available in an interchange format for both BIM and CAD, for use in all 3D and 2D architectural design environments.

This innovation is particularly important because the San Marco decorative products will be the first in the decorative paints segment to integrate with this internationally-widespread design technology.

What is BIM – Building Information Modeling


What does BIM technology mean exactly? The acronym stands for “Building Information Modeling”, a method for optimizing the planning, implementation and management of buildings through software.

The tool allows all relevant data to be gathered about a building, from its geographical location to the properties of the materials used to build it. The use of BIM is now strongly encouraged by official regulations as it brings effectiveness and enhanced transparency of the procurement process: this is also why its adoption may soon be compulsory for public works.

The vast range of digital textures provided by San Marco not only resonates with a technology of this magnitude, but also brings other important benefits to both industry professionals and end users.

Architects will be able to use a tool of highest value (also commercial), and to project highly realistic environments and finishes; and their customers will be able to sharply and clearly see their houses taking shape.

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