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Wood protection in mountain regions



Protective coatings deteriorate over time and lose their protective or aesthetic function because of exposure to external environments.

Sun, ice, moisture, fungi, insects and mechanical stress act in combination, sometimes with unpredictable catastrophic results.

Mountains regions with high diurnal temperature variation are very critical environments.

In Browning, Montana in 1916, near Glacier National Park, the temperature dropped from +46 to -56 degrees F in 24 hours, that’s 100 degrees in a day! It is still an all-time world record.

Naturaqua Top Gel Borma Wachs

Transparent Finishing

Special non-peeling waterbased finish for wood, made with high quality waxes and resins. Ideal for the protection and ennoblement of wood in exteriors. Yeld: 8 – 12 m²/Lt Temperature: + 5°C / + 30°C Usage:Interior/Exterior With UV filters.