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Equalizing refreshing makeup


UV rays produce free radicals, very reactive chemical groups that can damage the molecular structure responsible for the tone and elasticity of organic tissues at the cellular level.

The restoration of a heavy damaged wooden surface can be easy achieved by adding a masking cosmetic, which it possible to obtain by using RINOVA, a product with unique covering effect.

Γαλλικός Γύψος Αγιογραφίας (Σκόνη) - French Gilding Chalk

It works even on grey or old black surfaces, avoiding heavy washing or sanding phases. And this masking cosmetic effect is the first piece of the puzzle. If you want to perform a “PARFAIT MAQUILLAGE” you need HOLZWACHS LASUR a high solid impregnant decor wax finishing.



Equalizing basecoat, special for the refurbishing of exterior cladding when highly damaged and/or grey.


Holzwachs Lasur

The product penetrates deep into the wood enhancing the grain and providing a soft, polished finish.