Give your furniture antique-aged appearance

We used the following materials and tools:

Shabby Provenzale

Shabby Chalk Paint

Gypsum-based paint, suitable both for walls and wooden surfaces. Thanks to its high solid content, it allows an excellent coverage, keeping a very good spreadability, and making the surfaces homogeneous with a small number of applications. When sanded, gives the possibility to reach very smooth finishings. The product is ready to use for brush application. Recommended dilution with water up to 30-40% for spray applications.

The Provencal style is characterized by the sensation of lived furniture, usually with light pastel colors or even white. Often on the furniture is preferred the combination of two or more colors instead of a single one. Shabby chic style is an imitation of the ruined, peeling and lived furniture.

Temperature: + 5°C / + 30°C

Hard Wax Oil 7030

Hard Wax Oil 7030

Hard-wax rebuffable oil, for treatment and finishing of raw or oiled surfaces. Of high superficial resistance easily allows to obtain wonderful patina effects, as considerably smooth finishes. Ready to use. Spread HARTWACHS OIL 7030 uniformly, using a brush or a cloth, on a clean surface, free from dust, grease and oils. Once dried (after 6/8 h, depending on the thickness and on the temperature), sand with 220/240 grain to obtain an increased softness.

Then proceed with the application of a second coating and, once dried, to obtain a soft and smooth satin sheen, polish with the brushes of the Borma range or buff vigorously with a soft cotton cloth. Complete drying after 12 h. Maximum hardness after 24 h.

Yield: 10 – 12 m²/Lt

Usage: Interior

S28 Boldrini

Οβάλ Πινέλο

Oval Brush S.28

With white hair and a wooden handle.

Borma Special Touch Up

Borma Special Touch Up Application Spatula

The Borma special touch up spatula is the correct tool for the perfect application of any wax touch up filler. The perfect grip and the physical consistency allows the correct pressure to saturate any treated damage. Remove exceeding product without scratching refurbished surfaces.

Soft Wax - Quick Filler

Soft Wax Filler

With Stuccorapido (Soft Wax Filler) you can quickly and safely eliminate all wood defects, lacquered, corroded or chipped. The parts restored maintain consistency and colour, even if they have been treated with a small amount of the product and with time are not subject to deterioration. One can vanish over the product.