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Antique furniture passion


Furniture is the object catching the greatest interest in the antiques market, and its trade represents the largest share.

Perhaps the reason has to be addressed to its furnishing and decoration functions in homes, as it allows to create a unique and original environment that enhances the value of the person and his dignity. The purchase of an antique furniture allows satisfaction of the needs of belonging, individuality and self-realization.

The passion of antique furniture migth become a research of a style and a study of our personality, a journey inside ourselves and in our history. Finding an antique furniture is a way to understand, express and share feelings, beyond the dimension of time. Choosing antique furniture is to recognize the artist’s or craftsman’s idea, which he was able to catch and transform into reality. Restoring an antique furniture is to protect the idea and then to convey it to future generation, which will be involved in this same exciting sharing process.

Nowdays, decorative styles are highly influenced by industrial logic, which, under an illusion of functionality and affordability, offers mass-produced and soulless furniture, bare, sterile, perfectly anonymous object.
Serial productions destroy and flatten the most valuable message a person can lead to society: search and share own individuality.

Borma Wachs is a reliable partner for the protection of antiques furniture and offers a full range of products for the restoration and conservation of objects in their own physical structure and aesthetic appearance. Consolidation, cleansing, reconstructions and protection can be performed at the highest convenience, care and effectiveness, respecting environment, safety and traditions, thanks to some dedicated formulations combining experience and research.


Radikal Abwachser


Ideal product for the complete cleaning of all wooden surfaces. The formula removes quickly and efficiency old layers of wax, cleaning wood from dirt and residuals, not damaging underlying varnishes.

Restoring oil


Restoring oil is a special product for the maintenance and the restoration of antique furniture. Its precious extenders, nourishes and regenerates old varnish coats, covering scratches and abrasions. Its very easy to apply, safe and almost odourless.