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External use oils – Regular maintenance

Summer is coming !!!

On your natural wood a regular maintenance must be performed. The protective film obtained by applying oil is subject to progressive deterioration, without flaking or peeling, but with a uniform consumption of the finish.


Teak Oil

Oil-based product, ready for use

Ready for use oil mixture, for all unfinished wooden surfaces, indoors and outdoors. Once applied gives the surface a water-resistant protective effect, with a pleasant natural effect. Easy to apply with in-depth penetration of the oils to protect the wood from adverse weather conditions and harmful agents enhancing its tone and natural beauty.

Yield: 12 – 16 m2/Lt
With UV filters

Decking Oil

High solid mixture of modified natural oils

Deep impregnating and decorative treatment. DECKING OIL wets the pores of the timber with natural and fast curing oil based system. It is not a thin film surface varnish. DECKING OIL permits deep lustrous satin-like sheen and the natural colour of the wood is enriched . Ideal for finishing terraces, decks, stairs and walkways in wood.