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Wooden floor, a wonderful feeling



No earthly force resembles man like the tree does: grown out of the earth and stretched out to heaven, every tree, like every man, is at least half “invisible”. We are “rooted” both aloft and beneath “the surface”, we move our branches upward into the ether, thus connecting the bright world of consciousness with the dark and underground one of the unconscious.

As the tree has his most vital part hidden in the bowels of the earth, man has in his secret living cave the source to draw on his power as well, the hidden fire that torments him and gives him life, his spiritual soul, invisible to the eyes.

Could this may be the reason why a consistent number of us still uses the term “essence” to classify the type of wood species?

The large amount of resonances that this image arouses revolve around two characteristics that the whole vegetable world has, and of which the tree is a symbol: on the one hand the fact of being connected to two kingdoms, the sky and the earth, represent its exchange and the intimate need for completeness; on the other hand, the image of a path, seen as a symbol for a process of growth and evolution.

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To give your wooden floor this superiority, prime, “Essence” and to protect it, we recommend the following two products:


Waterbased varnish, for the treatment of interiors wooden parquet floors.

Ready for use as a single component product, it can be activated adding Borma Catalyst 4100-2K for waterbased varnishes, in ratio 10 : 1. Respects environment and the workers’ health, being waterbased and practically VOC free. Special viscosity and workability.

Yield: 8 – 12 m²/Lt
Temperature: + 5°C / + 30°C


Mixture of oils and resins, specially formulated for the correct first hand application on any oil finishing treatment.

Ready for use, it protects efficiently and for a long time every kind of raw wood surface. Penetrating deeply, it adheres to wood, giving a correct first hand protection. Thanks to the addition of UV filters and other additives for the protection against harmful agents, it guarantees an excellent protection for long-lasting finishing cycles.

Yield: 10 – 14 m²/Lt

Ξύλινο Πάτωμα Υλικά Συντήρησης Κατσουλακης