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Maintenance & protecting materials of wood surfaces 3 in 1

Less is more

The synergy of oil together with resin to achieve a product 3 in 1 !!!

Three functions by using only one product. You can modulate the final result: with the first application you can stain the wood, with the second one you can protect and with the third coat you can achieve a long lasting decoration. Keep always in your store a oil-resin system.


Top Gel Tixo

Natural wax and resin based non-peeling finish. The product penetrates deep into the wood enhancing the grain and providing a soft, polished finish. Perfect adhesion on HOLZ LASUR impregnating agents. The high-quality substances and UV filters in the product prevent the formation of dye rot and attacks by insects such as woodworm and certain beetles, while guaranteeing optimal resistance to weather conditions. Its high density facilitates brush application, even on vertical supports.

Yield: 8 – 12 m²/Lt
With UV filters

Dekorwachs Lasur

High solid non-peeling finish, based on natural waxes and resins. It provides a thick and smooth layer, preventing wood oxidation and wear. Full pigmented, it’s formulated with high quality raw materials increasing UV rays resistance and preventing from moulds and insects attacks. Ideal for brush application, it avoids any dripping.

Ready to use, paintbrush application is suggested (only paintbrush for the first coat), on clean and dry surfaces. On outdoor surfaces apply at least two coats, with an interval of 8hrs between a coat and another.

Total drying time: 24hrs.