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San Marco decorative line

Not only products:
creations, atmospheres, emotions

The commitment in the research and study of new building’s coating systems led Colorifi cio San Marco to overcome the concept of fi nished product, and evolve its offering by proposing real exclusive creations, which meet the needs of more advanced customization, able to realize characteristic housing atmospheres of emotional impact as well as purely decorative.

The color in its different applications and material evolutions represents a complex symbolic system that is an integral part of the living space, infl uencing the use as it insists precisely in the relation between individual and environment. Being architecture itself, the color returns real life to environments revealing their true nature, and defi ning style, personality, atmosphere.

San Marco Decorative Line
A range of infinite possibilities

The strength of San Marco proposal is in the wide range of products chosen among many different technological contents, offering different solutions for every work opportunity. Of crucial importance will therefore be the combination of the choices of coating solutions, creative input and execution of “skillful” intervention.

Whether you use a brush, trowel, sponge or other tool, the application will be executed to perfection as the product used and the applicator will have responded to the needs of the work. Because the perception of perfection and beauty varies according to taste, to the style chosen, and the personality of the client, it was developed a virtually limitless variety of solutions, from the most classical such as the Venetian plaster, to those contemporary playing on the refraction of light, or even the most innovative that reproduce concrete or oxidized metals. In addition to that, the range is further enhanced by products that lend themselves to the application even outdoors.

Excellent materials

A research on trends in the architecture and design world, with particular attention to the environmental impact, is preliminary to the identifi cation of raw materials. Only the best materials entering into the production process, selected through a thorough evaluation of suppliers based on high quality standards.

Research and experimentation, innovation and technology with strong emphasis on architectural materials suited to design, are the guiding principles in the creation of new solutions for the decoration of the interior.

Their inclusion in the living space and the resulting environmental impact are crucial factors in the selection and development of new products.

The quality, first of all

Since 1998 Colorifi cio San Marco has certifi ed the system of quality management according to the regulation UNI EN ISO 9001. The objective of the system is the standardization and management of all business processes, from design to coordination with suppliers of raw materials, from the tests and inspections of incoming and outgoing materials to the continuous monitoring of production processes in order to offer reliable and integrated solutions to every customer to satisfy the most demanding expectations.

For this reason during the activities of design and development, raw materials and finished products are tested by the laboratory and by independent research centers that monitor the quality of all San Marco offer in compliance with the European and/or international standards.

Contemporary craftsmanship

Colorificio San Marco still uses many of the techniques and materials used in the production of traditional effects, industrializing production stages and allowing the spread according to the aesthetic reference of contemporary decoration.

In particular, for the production of lime based products, is used only pure lime, obtained by the calcination of the best carbonates.

Among them, a proof of excellence is Marmorino Classico: decorative historic element and typical expression of the Venice area, is an replicated ancient product, with passionate craftsmanship in modern production plants of the company in accordance with the directions of the ancient guilds and crafts of Venice.

Ease of application

The ease of application of all San Marco creations, together with the wide range of colors, recreates prestigious atmospheres, ennobling interiors of private homes, studios and commercial premises.

The Decorative line offers complete integrated systems that provide all the necessary products to the correct application of the selected fi nish for maximum ease of application and the best esthetic fi nal results.

Katsoulakis is the exclusive representative of San Marco in Greece.