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White wood a new design for your living room

Λευκό Ξύλο για την Διακόσμηση του Σαλονιού σας

White embraces all the colors of the light spectrum, symbolizing the boundary that marks the beginning of the vital phase, as opposed to Black. White expresses hope for the future, trust in the next and in the world in general. It represents the state of purity and noble feelings and the desire to change.

White evokes spirituality and divinity. It is used in religious ceremonies, in Western culture is the dress of the bride, while in traditional Oriental funerals, white is the standard color for grieving friends and family members of the deceased.

To renovate the wooden surfaces of the interior or exterior of your home. giving them a white shade we suggest:
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Natural oil based treatment, reinforced with high quality resins, for the finishing of wood floors, with the application of one or two coats. Naturally opaque, can become a little glossy with more than one layer. Suitable for the finishing of doors, skirtings and other wooden objects. For interiors use. Formaldehyde free.

Specifically formulated for the intensive white coloration of wooden surface, whether oil natural finishing is required. Based on natural oils reinforced with resins and light resistant pigment, it has a low yellowing process in time and it is perfect to get white finishing.



High solid waterbased finish for the protection of exterior & interior claddings. The product, ready to use, ecological and odorless, protects the wood from harmful agents and weathering with a fully pigmented high covering finish. To be applied by brush or spray.