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Wooden floor oil – Natural protection


Wooden floor feeling

Living barefoot at home gives major relief to the whole body:
1. facilitates good blood flow of legs and feet
2. prevents from the static electric charge
3. amplify by a special tactile sensations the feeling towards the environment that surrounds us.

The floor must be warmth and welcoming! What better material than the oil protected wood?

If you choose Borma Wachs oil for your wooden floor, you’ll achieve comfort and elegance, easy to clean and durable treatment. Naturally.

Hardwax Parquet Oil 1030

Hardwax Parkettöl 1030 is a mixture of precious natural oils reinforced with resins, enriched with micronized natural waxes, that lovingly restore wood to its original beauty.

Yeld: 10 – 14 m2/Lt
Usage: Interior


High Solid Premium Eco Parquet Oil

The ideal product for all unfinished, freshly sanded and freshly laid wood floors, for any kind of timber.

Yeld: 18 – 22 m²/Lt
Usage: Interior